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Silverminers.Com (formerly The Silver Valley Mining Journal) was born on a warm summer afternoon in 2003 in Wallace, Idaho " the heart of the legendary silver-fields of the Coeur d'Alene Mining District where silver, gold, lead and zinc were discovered shortly after the Civil War and continue to be mined to this day.

Originally intended to cover the mostly penny-stock mining company news from that region, Silverminers.Com covers precious and strategic metals and their equities globally, although still preserving at its heart a special fondness for that most mercurial of metals, silver.

Silverminers.Com's founder and editor, award-winning investigative reporter and columnist David Bond, abandoned a 30-year career in daily newspapering at the beginning of the new millennium to concentrate on writing about metals and mining equities full-time.

David's reportage on metals and mining dates back to the late 1970s when he was editor of The Wallace Miner and Wallace's daily newspaper, The North Idaho Press. His fascination with precious metals dates back even further, to his adolescence, when silver was removed from the coinage of Canada and the United States, and his painfully-collected stash of one-dollar Silver Certificates was rendered null and void by the United States government.

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David's coverage of the metal mining industry has taken him all over the world. His reporting and commentary appear regularly in Platts Metals Week (a McGraw-Hill publication), and on-line at Kitco, Goldseek, 24hgold, Silver Strategies, the Korelin Economics Report and other top-notch investment websites. He has received numerous first-place reporting and writing awards from the Society of Professional Journalists, the National Headliner Award, and the Associated Press.

Silverminers.Com also features commentary by noted experts David Morgan, Ted Butler, John Embry, Chris Powell, Doug Casey and many, many others, along with a daily feed of information on some 100 equities large and small. Join us for the Adventure of the Century as a resource-hungry world offers opportunities for savvy investors unprecedented since the 1970s.