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The No-Brainer

January 23, 2012

By David Bond, Editor

Vancouver, B.C. -- The guys at Swiss Metal Assets should relax a bit. They make an easy sell difficult because they want you to know all of what they're up to. Not necessary. Here is the thing:

When you buy into the SLV or the GLD, what do you really end up owning? Simply this: a bank's promise that somewhere in its bowels it will find a way to redeem the paper promise it made to you when you gave it your hard-earned currency to bet on the price of silver or gold. In other words, squat.

Swiss Metal Assets is a wholly different critter. They aren't in the business of selling promises. You get the same exposure to metal prices as you do with SLV or GLD or any of the other bankster outfits, but with a pleasant wrinkle. You actually own the metal. And it's stored next to the Pope's gold stash in a duty-free vault in the Kanton of Zurich, Switzerland. Your name is on it, and is vouchsafed for by the Swiss government. When you place your bet on an ounce of silver with SMA, your name goes on that physical ounce and you can go get it in about 48 hours, because that's how long it takes to unlock the doors. Or you can sell it and collect the proceeds through a bank of your choosing, in a currency of your choosing.

SMA is based in Panama, which is a good thing. China has told the United Snakes to keep their hands off Panama as China is heavily invested in the third ditch through the canal. China does not want a dust-up with the USA any more than the United Snakes wants one with China. We all need quiet banking. So for now, Panama is the safest place to park your money.

Swiss Metals will also hook you up with differently-weighted baskets of strategic and critical metals. Your call as to how to load them, and my understanding is that you can get in for 5 grand or less. Gee, where to put my trust? A bankster-loaded SLV or GLD, or a little account in Switzerland with my name on the key?