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March 19, 2010

Wallace, Idaho " We are the i everything now and still wondering why we're headed to Hell in a handbasket. We have iPods, iPhones, iPads iIts, iThis, iThats, iBooks, iShares " and probably if you looked hard enouogh, iBanks and iGovernments, too.

We mean no disrespect to Apple Computer Inc., who in fact (in our humble opinion) makes the finest consumer-grade computer hardware on the planet, but we don't care for all this iStuff. We have an iMac on our desktop, but we just call it our desktop. This i thing has got to go.

See, it's not all about i, or me, or you. It's not about Mobile Me. It's not about You Tube. Those are catchy names, they tweak the interests of the 20-somethings, but they send us to a dangerous, selfish place at precisely the time we need to be thinking about us.

These thoughts roll around our brain-pan because, after roiling around with Snow Leopard for months and months, only to have it crash daily, we returned to the Ubuntu community's operating system and found surcease. No more iSoftware for us: we're going to jump into the pool and make new friends. Took us a couple of hours of brain-stretching, but we made it, albeit we've still a long way to go. If you're reading this rant on-line, well then, we're at least half-way there.

What brings us to this terrible thought-place is that iShares, whether in gold or silver, are just that: They are for i. And just who is i?  It isn't you and it isn't us. They are some otherbody else's i. That silver ain't there for us.

We are watching the current United Snakes government with great consternation, and wonder just how much longer we will be allowed to criticise it. These are huge, hoary, powerful people we are up against, and they won't relinquish their luxuries easily. Imagine Pelosi without her personal 757. How else do you get a bazillion-dollar mortgage these days if you're not a congress-person? How else can a biped discover the joys of pure greed than to sit in the United Snakes Congress?

But there are little things we can do. We can quietly, and over a period of time, remove every last of our cents from the banks. Ask yourself: Is your money safer under the mattress, or in an institution that is “too big to fail”? We can quietly, and over a period of time, convert the pieces of paper our banks give us into silver and gold, without starting a price run. We can extract our money from the money markets " because it's only money so long as the United Snakes government says it is " and convert this also into physical silver and gold. We need to hurry, but we need to be subtle.

Here is a little story about the promise of the government of the United Snakes: back near our stern bearings, where we used to carry a required government-issued Draft Card, resides a document. This document, entitled a Silver Certificate, says that said government will redeem said piece of paper for One Dollar in silver. Kind of cute of them not to specify a weight, but it was pretty well understood that 77 percent of an ounce of silver, which was the pure silver content of a Morgan silver dollar, was the standard. This contract was issued to a six-year-old young boy in 1957. The word of its issuer, the United Snakes, means precisely nothing. Nothing!

This is a government now hell-bent on breaking yet more contracts with its citizens (dare we say subjects)? If it cannot prove its money up, what else can it be trusted for? Our guess is not much of anything.

In fact, can this criminal enterprise, and the criminal enterprises it claims to regulate, can they be trusted for anything? Our children are being brought up stupid and dumb, ever since the creation of the Department of Education. How many BTUs of energy has the Department of Energy produced? What result of the Drug Enforcement Agency has been other than the corruption of normally honest cops and prosecutors and the high cost of a simple medicinal plant that grows wild in the ditches of Texas? How many jail cells do we really need?

This is not about i and it is not about you. It's about us. Let's take our money out of the banks, quietly buy silver and gold, and remember it's us against them. Yes, we'll make the banks fail. Yes, things will get nasty on Wall Street. But they are going to get nasty everywhere, anyway. Might as well get out of their little i-game sooner than later. At least we'll be able to buy groceries when things go pear-shaped.